Dublin Bay Prawn Festival is coming to Howth

Here at the Oarhouse Seafood Restaurant in Howth – we are already looking forward with great anticipation to this years annual Dublin Bay Prawn Festival which takes place from 17th – 19th March 2017.

Celebrating the famous Dublin Bay Prawn, many of Howth’s finest restaurants such as our very own Oarhouse Restaurant will host a variety of amazing food experiences at the Harbour Festival Food Village serving the freshest, most delicious seafood, cooked every way imaginable, including a selection of special Dublin Bay Prawn dishes.

For those of you that love prawns – you will be spoiled for choice with the huge array of prawn dishes such as – prawn curry, prawn chowder, prawn pancakes, prawn tacos, prawn paella, prawn balls (who knew?), prawn pasta, prawn salad and just plain old prawns which will be  sizzling away nicely over the entirety of the weekend. Each year thousands of people pass through the large pier side marquees, grazing on scrumptious seafood as they go.

Here are some reasons we can’t wait for this year’s Dublin Bay Prawn Festival

1. The perfect location

You couldn’t pick a better spot for a festival – Howth is gorgeous! Just a short hop on the dart this picturesque peninsula is a breathe of fresh air from the bustling city. There’s so much to do from scenic strolls along the harbour, coastal adventures on the cliffs, soaking up the villages rich maritime history and of course feasting on the best seafood.

2. The great atmosphere

With an action packed weekend of events planned there’s always a great atmosphere about the place. The village will be buzzing with excitement. There’s plenty for kids to do with the fun fair, entertainment and music. It’s always great to see people lined up on the walls tucking in and celebrating our great Irish seafood!

3. Lots of Live Music

There’s always a great line up of live music on the main stage and in the pubs around the village. Howth has some amazing music venues so you’ll find something you love. Don’t forget your dancing shoes and bust out those moves!

4. Loads of great Restaurants

Howth is Dublin’s own seafood capital. There are so many tasty and amazing seafood restaurants you’ll be spoiled for choice. The weekend will see the best of them take to the stalls in the main area but if you’re looking for a more civilized meal you can find a nice table inside and sit back and relax. And there is no better restaurant to visit then the Oarhouse where delicious seafood and a warm welcome will be waiting for you.

5. Cooking Demos for the curious

Want to learn how to cook amazing seafood at home? Well you’re in luck! Pull up a chair and visit one of the cooking demos and learn the top tricks and tips from the experts. You’ll be cooking a pro in no time!

6. The Prawns (Of course!)

Of course the highlight of the festival has to be the main attraction – the famous Dublin Bay Prawn! Whatever way you like them these prawns are something else! Make sure you have your fill before you go!