Healthy Eating Out Option – The Oar House Restaurant in Howth

We are all becoming more and more aware of the impact and benefits healthy eating can have on us. So Seafood restaurants like the Oar House Restaurant in Howth can be a great choice when you love to eat out  with a goal of making healthier choice.

Our seafood restaurant serves a variety of choices that are high in lean protein and beneficial omega 3 fats while at the same time lower in calories and overall fat content.

The Oar House restaurant offers a wide ranging variety of fish options that are bound to satisfy your pallet as well as benefiting you nutritionally.

Whether you are a fan of the daily fresh fish, succulent prawns, or decadent lobster, you’ll find plenty of benefits in the healthy options at The Oar House.  Load up on lean protein and omega 3s next time you sit down to eat with dietitian-recommended menu choices like these:

Fresh Salmon With Warm Beetroot And Lentil Salad

Warm Scallop Salad With Mixed Leaves, Toasted Almonds & Soya Vinaigrette

Whole Seabream With Walnut And Watercress Pesto…… and so much more!

The Oar House Restaurant is located in a unique and picturesque spot on the pier in the beautiful seaside town of Howth, in North County Dublin. The Oar House Restaurant is the perfect place to take in the fresh air while embracing the tranquillity of a small town, which means that you can happily escape the city centre for a few hours. This restaurant specialises in Irish and European cuisine, presenting plenty of your favourite traditional and modern dishes on an expansive menu. It is the locally sourced, fresh and delicious seafood that makes this restaurant truly unmissable. Fresh from the sea, it is cooked to perfection by the expert chefs, and served up with delectable sides. The Oar House was awarded the Georgina Campbell ‘Seafood Restaurant of the Year’ in 2013; just one example of the excellence evident in this restaurant.